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Please see our Spray Tanning page for information about sunless tanning services.

Skinsation is extremely committed to the wellbeing of our tanners. We take many steps to ensure that each client builds his or her tan gradually and sensibly to maximize the benefits and minimize the potential risks of indoor tanning. Skinsation is a member of the International Smart Tan Network, and our staff is Smart Tan certified to maintain the highest standards of safety and professionalism. Because we care about our clients, we require the use of protective eyewear when tanning in our equipment.

We believe tanning should be a comfortable, relaxing experience. Our rooms are spacious, clean, and fully equipped with numerous amenities. We pride ourselves on our excellent equipment maintenance and guarantee that lamps are strong and effective. We highly recommend the use of professional indoor tanning skin care products. They have been scientifically proven to increase the effectiveness of tanning sessions.

Skinsation offers appointment scheduling and walk-in services. We encourage clients to make appointments to be sure a bed is available at the desired time. We have a two hour cancellation policy so that other clients may use the equipment if you cannot make it. Please give a couple hours notice if you need to cancel an appointment to ensure that you do not lose your point(s).

Our points system gives you the flexibility to choose your equipment each time you tan. Simply select a points package. When you tan, we’ll deduct the point value for that bed from your points balance. If you’d prefer to pay as you go, you can just pay for the points you need that day.

Unlimited Tanning For 30 Days:

Silver Gold Platinum
$30.00 $50.00 $70.00*


Points Pricing:

Points Price Discount
1 $1.00
25 $22.50 10%
50 $40.00 20%
100 $70.00* 30%

*free t-shirt

We also offer specials for members of bridal parties.